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26 maio, 2018

4 Steps To Successfully Bleach Knots On Your Lace Front Wig

     We all want to look perfectly beautiful when it comes to our African American wigs but with a lot of different human hair lace front wigs, styles and types being produced each day we are always in the learning mood. To know how and how not to about them for if not we are definitely not going to be proud of what we have on our head for long. Today, we are going to give you four successful tips on how to bleach knots on your lace front wigs. You have to be careful not to bleach too much because this may cause the human hair laced front wigs to start t come off. Bleaching strip the knots layers that is holding the hair into the lace and it can get messy if you do not do it the right way. It will slip through the knots on onto your hair and you do not want that to happen. So let’s get ahead with the details:

    First, you need these materials ready: A bowl to mix your bleach; Volume developer of your choice; Bleaching powder; Colour correction dye to help cover up that orange colour after bleaching; Brushes and measuring scoop; Shampoo to wash off.

    Step 1. Get a bowl and measure out some bleaching powder in it then add the developer in a little bit at a time because you do not want it to be too runny, use a spoon mix it thoroughly making sure it is thick and add about 10 drops of the colour correction dye.

    Step 2. Open the human hair lace front wig like a cap and put it on a surface, you can also turn it inside out to expose the knots properly. Now using a brush, apply the mixture to the knots carefully. Do not press too hard so as not to push the mixture through the knots using your other hand as support. If it touches the hair just wipe it off. Now make sure the knots are properly covered and not touching the hair.

    Step 3. Let the bleach sit in for about 30 minutes and rinse off with water first to get out all the dry coatings and then use your shampoo to wash it out properly. You can also allow your shampoo and conditioner to sit in for about 20minutes to make sure you don’t have any of the oranges from the correction dye and rinse it out.

    Step 4. Blow dry the human hair lace front wigs and then style. Use the edge control or gel to lay down the baby hair in the front. Use a toothbrush when applying treatments to the front to make it look natural and sleek.

    There you go guys, the easiest steps to successfully bleach knots on your African American laced front wig. And again, if you are not too certain, you can also consult a salon for more options.

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